10 Most Popular Internet Memes

A meme is a simple image, animation, or audio clip that is meant to spread or inform others, usually in a humorous or educational way. Internet Memes are simply a collection of Internet Media (animated GIF’s and video’s)

While the first memes were posted in the 1980s in the form of posters, stickers, and mimeographed documents, popular memes of the late 1990s took the form of text-based postings on Usenet and bulletin boards, email chains, and websites. In the case of the Internet, a meme is a piece of media that is shared, reproduced, and modified on one or more websites.

Internet memes can be defined in terms of two criteria: Content (what is being communicated) and distribution (how it is being shared). The term meme was originally coined in 1970 to refer to any unit of cultural meaning that is capable of being copied, and which spreads like a virus among a social group.