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Radha-Krishna is a holy love story between Krishna and Radha. Radha is a forest nymph who was a siren when Krishna fell in love with her. Krishna was cursed to become an Avatara of Vishnu.

Krishna is the most loved and the most well-known avatar of Vishnu, whose glory can never be compared with even the most famous.

The love story between Krishna and Radha is the most beautiful love story in the history of humanity. The divine love between them is so pure and perfect that people believe that they are God and Goddess themselves.

In the ancient Vedic period, Krishna was the most popular god. In that period, Krishna was considered to be the son of Radha and the eighth incarnation of Vishnu.

There are so many Krishna images in temples and Radha images in homes that you cannot count them all. The holy images of Radha-Krishna are