‘New Years kiss’ Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas welcome 2022




A couple of days ago, Priyanka Chopra was reported to have announced that she will be getting married again. And who is that guy? None other than Nick Jonas, the 25-year-old pop star that Priyanka had been linked to for quite some time now. If this report is true, the couple will marry next year and they have been taking the world by storm ever since.

So who better to share their big news than their BFFs and their first cousins. They even went to a New Years’ Eve party together to announce their wedding to the world. What a couple! On the event’s caption, Nick wrote: “#NYE2022 We just had the most epic first kiss of the New Year. Our world changed right in front of our eyes when Priyanka Chopra proposed to her boyfriend, DJ Nick. And we definitely weren’t expecting it!”