The 10 Greatest Memes Ever


The 10 Greatest Memes Ever Compiled

It’s a meme, duh. But when it takes more than one or two years to go from idea to actual meme… That’s a meme! Sure, many of the most famous and iconic memes will have died off by now. But you know what? Just because they’re gone doesn’t mean they’re no longer hilarious. And you know what else? They’re just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to find the truly greatest memes ever, this is the place to start.

A meme’s popularity depends on its longevity. If a meme is short-lived, it’s because it’s no good at all. It might get started and then… BAM. Nobody likes it. It’s like someone who tries to play a prank and immediately starts to get hurt in the process. The worst memes in history are like that.