The Boeing 737 crash in China No survivors traced by the rescuer team

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Overview : China No survivors

On Monday, 21st March 2022, a plane carrying 132 passengers crashed in the southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Boeing 737 of the Chinese Eastern Airlines was flying from Kunming to Guangzhou at 29,000 feet when it nosedived, crashed to spark a massive mountain fire.

As per the witnesses – “like thunder” as the Boeing 737 hits the ground. The visuals of the smoky mountains took the internet by storm.

Report – China No survivors

The Director of the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Department, Mao Yanfeng, reported that at the time of the crash, the weather was not dangerous on its route. He further added that the air traffic control had maintained normal communication until the mishap happened. All the passengers and crew members are presumed dead as no trails could be traced from the high-altitude crash.

The aircraft entity has brought to fore that the pilot and other members onboard were fit and were not under alcohol influence. They also stated that the aircraft had a strong safety record, and was less than seven years old.

President calls for investigation – China No survivors



President of China, Xi Jinping, has already called for an investigation and sent multiple teams to the site of the crash- rescue team, soldiers, other experts.

Black Box found in damaged condition
One of the two black boxes has been found. However, due to its damaged condition, it will be a challenging task to retrieve necessary data for further investigation.

Today, 23rd March 2022, the relatives of the passengers have reached with a hope of survival of their close ones amidst the charred debris.



China No survivors

As per the latest reports, no bodies have been found yet. However, few remnants of personal belongings have been recovered by the rescue team.