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Viral memes are cultural ideas, trends, or themes that spread widely and are often humorous or sensational. Viral ideas may spread rapidly on the Internet or can be spread at speed through other cultural means. Viral ideas or trends do not always have a central message; they may be jokes or just plain funny, or they may be messages that seek to improve the behavior or attitudes of society. They may be spread by word of mouth or through social media, usually through the use of pictures, text or audio. Examples of the former are the sharing of an already existing idea, the creation of a new meme or trend, or the adoption of a specific idea by a group. Examples of the latter are the creation of a new meme or trend, a “joke” that is passed from person to person, or the spreading of a word through the use of social media.

The word meme was popularized by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene and by Oxford computer

In the field of computer science, computer viruses are programs designed to self-replicate and attack other software and data. They are usually a sub-class of computer worms, as they differ only in that their purpose is primarily to replicate rather than to damage data. A malicious program in this sense is any program which behaves in ways that a person does not expect.


Memes are ideas, images, emotions, sensations, perceptions, and other phenomena that spread primarily by means of communication. Memes are thought to be one of the principal ways in which ideas are spread in culture.

Memes appear in many forms in modern culture, including music, art, television, film, and literature. Memes are often spread by individuals, but can also spread more or less intentionally through the media, particularly in the form of online viral videos.

Diary of an ex-socialist

On a personal level, I’m going to do more to try and get off this planet than anybody else. I don’t need to know why, because the very act of making that statement already makes me an outsider, an anarchist. That’s what I’ve come to believe, so it’s easier to just say it. And no, I don’t need to know how I can make that happen, because any action I take is an act of hope. No, I don’t need to know what will happen, or where. I don’t need to know if anyone will even see what I do. I don’t need to know if I can trust myself. I just know that I need to get out of here. And no one is going to stop me.














A viral meme is a piece of text, image, or video that is rapidly disseminated within a population of Internet users. They are a form of mass communication that involves the spread of ideas, images, or videos from person to person. The Internet has provided a platform for the rapid and widespread dissemination of memes. An example is the viral “LOL” image which initially appeared on The Onion website. The Internet facilitates the dissemination of viral memes with the speed of information technology, and in turn, has provided a new medium for the rapid and cheap mass distribution of memes, which was previously the domain of major cultural figures. Examples of the influence of the Internet on the spread of memes include the viral video of cats making their way through a maze, created and uploaded in 2011 by the YouTube user ‘MisterFunnyBuns’ (now retired) and which had over 15 million views within two years.