Top 15 Hilarious Memes of the day


As someone who gets very involved in a lot of communities and social networks, I sometimes get a little bit distracted. In addition to posting all over my social media networks, I make videos of the hilarious moments I’ve seen pop up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I love this community and all it has to offer. A lot of people are not able to see what’s being said and so they are missing out on some of the funniest jokes of the day. I enjoy the comedy as well as the discussion and debate it generates. There is plenty of both in the world and this is just a snippet of it. Let’s get to the fun!

If you would like to submit something for one of these memes or if you have something you’d like to add to this list, just hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment below!

# 15 – “Oh God, the only reason he hasn’t taken over is because he hasn’t given a fuck”

“Oh God, the only reason he hasn’t taken over is because he hasn’t given a fuck”

# 14 – A man and a woman sit at a table during a romantic dinner.

The woman reaches over to kiss him, and the man is startled, but she is already pulling his face closer to hers and begins to kiss him.

The man looks shocked, but the woman is too busy kissing him to realize he is reacting. The man continues to struggle to get away, but is unable to because she is having too much fun. The woman suddenly gets up and walks away, leaving the man in shock.

Top 15 Hilarious Memes of the day [PICS]

The viral power of a well timed meme is something that’s not to be underestimated. It can go from spreading through a small social circle to breaking into the mainstream, sometimes with just a few simple words of text. While the memes are all pretty damn funny in their own right, the best ones seem to find their way into our hearts. While you were occupied reading this, your own friends likely already had to come up with the Top 15 Hilarious Memes of the day. Let’s see how they made their list this time.

Here’s the first meme. A simple image, perhaps not very amusing or funny, unless you’re a huge fan of the show Supernatural, which I’m sure most of you are, but nevertheless, the picture was enough to make even non-fans chuckle.

















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