Top 20 Crazy Memes of the day…


In my opinion, I think that any person could find interesting the following jokes…. But if we talk about the first day that I put in this website, maybe we will find a special one to each of you.. I give you the Top 20 funniest memes of the day, and the best one that I like the most, because its quality is high.

I will leave you the best one. I hope that it can make you laugh. You can put your opinion if it is better than mine. For now you are the judge..:)

1. There was
one more of those things in the sky the other night. It went by really

2. This
may sound strange, but I am a very happy person. If I were a little less
happy, I would be an ax murderer.

3. “Let’s have
this debate.”

4. The most
famous words ever spoken.

5. “There are
people who know how to do that. There are people who just don’t know.”

6. What do you
want to do tonight?

7. “What’s the
hottest place on Earth?”

8. The best
dinner is one that is free.

9. You’re a
sucker for a good meal.