Cleveland acquired Mitchell and Garland in a trade that could make them a top-five team in the East, but they'll have to work out some chemistry.

Chris Herring: Good deal, but I'm not sure yet whether it's a great one. Darius Garland will see his ball-handling responsibility split, and Cleveland's defense weakens.

Robin Lundberg: Good deal for Cleveland. The core of the team could use more scoring and playmaking, and Spida isn't without flaws.

The Cavs signed guard Mitchell to a three-year extension, but the question is what will happen next summer when he is eligible for a new deal.

The Cavs made a good deal by acquiring Mitchell, who is a top-25 player in the current NBA. The new group of players could become a contender if given enough time.

Herring: OK deal, but I would have preferred a slew of Knicks' picks and young talent.

Danny Ainge got what he wanted in the deal with the Jazz, a cache of draft picks to add to the cache he got for Rudy Gobert. Utah is in position to bottom out and get Victor Wembanyama in the 2023 draft.

Lundberg: The Jazz did as well as they could have in selling Mitchell and Gobert, and acquired a treasure trove of picks in the process.