Holi Festival and  Rang panchami

Phalgun Pournima to Panchami. The Holi festival is celebrated for two to five days depending on the regional variations.

History of Holi   Festival

Rang Panchami has highly religious  significance for the Hindus and is  considered to be an important ritual.  As all of us know, Holika Dahan

Rituals of Holi

The Holi has to be lit in front of a temple  or at a comfortable place on the evening  of Pournima. Generally, this is done in  front of the Gramdevta

Tradition of Holi Festival

Holikotsav, Dhulikotsav and Rangotsav  are the three festivals which stand  out easily. Holi, Dhulvad and  Rangapanchami are their popular names.