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Reasons to choose Workday Training?

With a 22% subscription growth rate, Workday will hit $10 Billion in revenue in 4 years. The demand for Workday is ever-growing

Does it require any coding to get Workday Training?

As such there is no prerequisite to get started with Workday Training

What are the benefits of Workday Training?

More than half the Fortune 500 use Workday for HCM.

What is the duration of Workday Training?

On an avg. it takes around 40-45 hours to complete your Workday Training.

How much is the cost of Workday Training?

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How much is a Workday Consultant paid?

Workday Consultants on an avg. earn USD 126,000/-

Is Workday easy to use?

Workday is very user-friendly, easy to use and learn, and can meet the customer's need efficiently compared to other HCM collections.

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